Assistant Teacher Lecturer at Eduvos Cape Town 2024

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Assistant Teacher

This Assistant Teacher offer is for South Africans ready to take on the responsibilities that will be conferred on them as the Assistant Teacher Lecturer at Eduvos Cape Town.

If you want to be part of this enabling experience, you can read on to learn the requirements for this program. 

Assistant Teacher Lecturer at Eduvos Cape Town

Eduvos is looking to employ the services of an IT Lecturer at our Tyger Valley campus on a fixed-term basis.

Meaning of Eduvos

The word Eduvos comes from the concept of your education. The “Edu” part of Eduvos talks about education and taking custodianship and responsibility. The “Vos” part of Eduvos talks about you, yourself, and your best self. The combination of Edu and Vos talks about taking responsibility for your education and making the best choice for yourself. Your education is your future.

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Scope and scale

Eduvos is one of South Africa’s largest independent private higher education institutions with 12 campuses across the country and many international students. Eduvos offers 21 degrees in humanities, arts, business, science, and law. To support the learning ladder of people seeking to enter degrees we also offer Higher Certificate and Pre-degree programmes that enable access to degree programmes.

Eduvos educational philosophy

Our educators believe in building skills for the future and enabling students to take up careers in a volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous world. Our education is designed to create a deep understanding of an area, supporting skills development through practical application, and challenging thinking to allow for adaptation to new possibilities.

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Type of appointment:

Fixed-term contract


  • To lecture Information Technology-related modules, in the faculty on a fixed-term basis.
  • To assist in the administration and departmental affairs and activities as required by the academic department.

Minimum qualifications required:

  • BSc Information Technology
  • Honours degree is preferred, but not essential

Modules to be lectured:

  • Processing and Logic Concepts
  • Program Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Design Concepts
  • Database Management
  • Java Programming
  • C# Programming
  • IT Fundamentals
  • A+
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • Linux Operating System


  • Relevant lecturing experience
  • Necessary knowledge of higher education practices and processes


  • Lecturing
  • General administration
  • Setting and marking of assessments
  • Preparation of notes and additional study materials
  • Quality Assurance
  • Management of At-risk students


  • Initiative and responsibility
  • Constructive teamwork, relations and networking
  • Influence
  • Analysis and judgement
  • Innovation and change
  • A systematic approach (planning and organising)
  • Steadiness (emotional tenacity)
  • Communication
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The Applicant is advised that any Personal Information requested throughout the recruitment process will only be used by Eduvos (Pty) Ltd (“Eduvos”) for the purposes of recruiting and assessing the Applicant for the position applied for at Eduvos. For more information, please refer to Eduvos’s privacy policy (

By Providing Eduvos (Pty) Ltd (“Eduvos”) with the Personal Information requested throughout this recruitment process, the Applicant will be deemed to have provided his/her consent and authorization (required by the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013) to Eduvos for the purposes of recruitment (as more fully set out above).

However, if you have queries regarding the Assistant Teacher Lecturer at Eduvos Cape Town, Please kindly DROP A COMMENT below and we will respond to it as soon as possible.

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