What Is An Internship And Do You Get Paid by internship?

What Is An Internship And Do You Get Paid by internship?

Internships are ways of gaining working and learning experience. It is an opportunity offered by an organisation to work at the organisation for a specific period of time to gain work experience.

Interns get hands-on experience and really dive into what their career of choice is about. Internships offer much more value than part-time jobs because they set you up with the skills needed for a specific career.

Quality internships provide opportunities for company insight, mentoring, networking, shadowing and learning about a career.

Internships can look very different based on the industry of the company.

Internships typically last between three to six months and may be part-time or full-time. Some are paid while others are not, regardless of whether or not you have previous experience.

We highly recommend keeping a journal when completing your internship. Even if it is not our part of your experience, this will help you to not only remember all the projects and experiences you were tasked with but also to reflect on your experiences.

As an intern you should expect to gain experience and provide meaningful support to the organization, to have a mentor or supervisor who provides guidance and people to develop transferable skills to build your network and to receive some orientation from the organization for which you’ll be working for.

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